Nephila Capital has been recognized as a leading ILS fund manager by multiple trade publications. 



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Industry Recognition and Awards Selection Criteria

We are providing the names of the recent awards Nephila has won. This is provided for informational purposes only. These awards should not be construed as an endorsement of Nephila. These awards are not indicative, representative or a guarantee of any investor’s experience with Nephila nor are these awards indicative or a guarantee of future performance. Nephila did not offer any payment to be a participant nor recipient of the awards.

Environmental Finance: Based on extensive interviews with the leading players in environmental markets – as voted by their peers in the largest survey covering participation in these markets

Trading Risk: The annual Trading Risk awards recognize excellence and innovation in the reinsurance industry. Entry criteria for the Investor of the Year: Candidates will be institutions, individuals or investment teams that have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the ILS investor community in the previous year. The winner will have demonstrated either a continued, deep commitment to the ILS sector, success in attracting new investors to the sector through a fund, an innovative or pioneering approach or the commitment to research and understand the sector. Entry criteria for Derivative Initiative of the Year: Candidates will be derivatives intermediaries, exchanges, (re)insurance companies, broking houses, capital markets teams or risk modeling firms whose endeavors in the insurance-linked derivatives sector has significantly aided its development. The winner will be a corporation or a team which has made an outstanding contribution to improving transparency and liquidity in the trading of insurance-linked derivatives in the past year.

International Hedge Fund Award: Winners are determined by two factors: 1) based on the number of votes they receive and 2) in-house research (a vital component considering we accept self-nominations as well as third party). Should the votes be tied we may approach each of the individual firms to ask if they would like to supply any supporting documents. All items will be taken into consideration.

Reactions North America: Reactions conducts an annual awards nomination process throughout the spring and into the summer.  This process is rigorous and involves a market survey, and most importantly an independent judging process which includes a panel of highly respected and independent industry analysts.  The judging is the final stage of the process and provides a clear and transparent method to ensure that all award category nominations and winners are justified, sound and are in line with market performance – as chosen by senior market participants.

Intelligent Insurer Global Awards: As a result of the replies (over two stages) to telephone interviews and questionnaires from our readers, companies were awarded points for their positioning in the prior relevant categories in which they featured.

Insider Honours Risk Carrier of the Year Award: Candidates will be (re)insurance companies that provided an outstanding service to the global P&C (re)insurance market in the past year, standing strong for their clients in what has been a challenging period for underwriters. The winner , selected by a judging panel, will be a company or a team which has demonstrated an on-going commitment to the sector through consistent high quality management and entrepreneurialism coupled with outstanding underwriting performance.

Global Fund Awards: A dedicated judging panel places each shortlisted candidate under intense scrutiny, setting its sights firmly on the most impressive performance over the past years.