Portfolio Management and Analytics

Nephila is committed to the pursuit of superior portfolio management with a richly experienced team with over one hundred years of collective industry knowledge. Each member of the portfolio management and analytics team comes from various complementary backgrounds which include finance, seismic and financial engineering, risk management and underwriting. Our underwriting expertise allows for the specialized care and attention of a broad range of insurance related services, helping our clients to achieve their business objectives such as: portfolio management, sourcing deals from brokers, monitoring portfolio risk, investor relations and educating prospective investors about Nephila’s capabilities in managing catastrophe and weather risk.

At Nephila the portfolio management and analytics groups are closely integrated. Most of the individuals in the portfolio management team also perform modeling and individual deal analysis, as well as research, in addition to their portfolio manager roles. The team has a broad knowledge of the re/insurance modeling practices and includes individuals who have had first hand work experience at two of the leading model vendors, AIR & RMS, working with and developing the catastrophe models. Much of Nephila’s infrastructure has been built with a portfolio “work bench” in mind, using Nephila’s proprietary systems in order to quickly analyze and price contracts that are on offer. This also gives the portfolio managers easy access to portfolio analytics, including exposure data and event set drill down functions, loss scenario analyses as well as to perform allocations, manage cash and leverage, all within the same framework. The portfolio managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the assigned portfolios on a day-to-day basis which includes risk monitoring and insuring portfolios are up-to-date with regards to allocations, modeling and cash balances. They are also involved in the strategic decisions relating to the funds and investor communication.

The level of sophistication that we incorporate into our portfolio management practices is what differentiates us from our competitors. The diverse experience of our team, as well as key relationships formed in the financial, scientific and academic communities, has helped us develop a premier analytics framework from which to base decisions.


Our Operations team is structured to give us a comprehensive advantage by providing counterparties and investors with the ease of access to services provided by a team of experienced individuals.  The Operations team provides accurate and timely investor reporting, internal reporting and regulatory reporting. The team ensures accuracy of NAV calculations, including fair value measurement, fee calculations, position and cash reconciliations, and is responsible for bond and FX settlements, premium receipts and claims processing.

Deal Management

The Deal Management Team (DMT) fulfills a middle office role and is positioned between Portfolio Management and Operations. DMT assumes management of a trade from the point the trading decision is made. The functions performed by the team include: Post-trade review and verification, post-trade liaison with counterparties, intermediaries and external parties, contract review and execution, and trust and collateral management.

Investor Relations

Existing investors receive information from the operations and portfolio teams, but can also log in to the secure portion of the website to download risk reports, quarterly letters and Nephila’s research reports. Prospective investors can contact us at  or via their local Man Group or KKR Relationship Managers.